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1. How many timers we can run at same time?

2. what is light process?

3. How many scheduler can be there in frontend server? 

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Hi Virat,

I'll try to answer your questions:

1. The default is 3 per each front-end server (read more here);

2. A Light BPT is a simpler processes (just one automatic activity, so no human interaction) that don't need tracking to run much faster (you can read in more detail more here);

3. What do you mean by that? You can create as many Timers and BPTs / Light BPTs as you want.


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What is max number of timers we can configure to run at same time?

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That was your first question, wasn't it?

By default only 3 Timers can run at the same time per front-end server, but this number can be customized in the OutSystems Configuration Tool (read in more detail here).

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Important to note is that when you allow for (a lot) more timers/processes to run, you might start to see impact on the performance of the end user applications. What you could do however, when you have a farm of multiple frontend servers, is to set 1 server specifically to run all the timers and processes, while the other frontend servers don't run any of those and only handle user requests.

It's rarely needed, but in certain use cases could prove useful.