CustomHandlers/internalerror.aspx Help me please

When I open my app in the browser this error shows up

I am a Beginner ion Outsystems and I'm doing a project for school. Contact me 
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Any help is welcomed


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Hi Bruno, 

You have to access your service center logs in order to find out what is causing the error:

At Service Center "Monitoring" tab  take a look at the details of the error log

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Hi Bruno,

That is because the screen you're trying to access demands a logged-in user to see it (and eventually with a specific role), take look at this example below and check if your screen looks the same:

Since your application does not have an exception handler, it blows pretty ugly.

You have some options to fix this:

1. If you want the screen you are trying to access to be accessible to non-login users, you just need to tick the Anonymous checkbox.

2. If you just want to have users with a login to access you want to just tick the Registered checkbox.

In this scenario, if you want to access that screen as a Registered user, you would need to create a user in your Users Application:

https://<your OutSystems environment name>/Users

3. In the case you want the screen to be accessible only to users with specific roles, you need to have those roles references in the page and then you should check only the checkboxes correspondent to that role.

In any case, the application should not blow in case of invalid permissions. For that, you should locate the OnException flow on your application to handle this exceptions. Below you can see an example of an OnException flow:

Note that if there is a security exception (user trying to access a page he does not have permissions to do so, like in your case), the application will see if the user is logged in (the first If) and if he is it will redirect him to the Invalid Permissions screen. Otherwise the user will be redirected to Login screen.

Hope it helps.