[Date Picker React] How does this custom date picker differentiate from the OutSystems UI datapicker?
Forge component by Miguel Verdasca
Published on 05 Dec 2020
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Hi Miguel,

Could you maybe add some more information, why one should use this datepicker instead of the OutSystems UI datepicker? There is not enough information on the Component Forge page to make such a decision.



Hi Daniel,

It's simples the DatePicker from OutSystems, there are some flaws in behavior, the same ones I already communicated to OutSystems a few months ago, and I was even on the phone with OutSystems. As it remains the same, I made some minor changes. And in my opinion, it has a cleaner behavior now. But there are still developments I want to make about it. But I can only do them for the end of the year, beginning of the next, as I have countless projects to deliver at this stage of the year.

I will complete a little more information available in the forge.

Thank you for your comments :)

Kind regards,