Automatically translate your apps in less than 5 minutes

With the recent release of the Technical Preview for Multilingual Reactive Web and Mobile Apps, it's now possible to quickly translate any app. If you want to use Google Translate here are the steps:

  1. Make sure you have Technical Preview feature in LifeTime enabled
  2. Open the module you want to translate
  3. Go to Data->Multilingual Locales, right click to add the languages you want:
  4. Export the resources to Excel

  5. Import the file with Google Sheets, File > Import > Upload

  6. On Cell E5 set the formula =GOOGLETRANSLATE($D5,"en",E$4) 

  7. Copy and paste that cell to all the cells below

  8. Select the whole column and copy it

  9. Right-click and do a Paste special> Paste values only

  10. Review the text, as automatic translations need careful review
  11. Export to Excel

  12. In Service Studio right-click on Multilingual Locales>Import Language Resources and select the file you have just exported

  13. In Service Studio, add the logic to set the current locale (e.g. when the user clicks a link or a button)

And that's it, you'll have your app translated in less than 5 minutes. Of course machine translation will probably not be good enough, but reviewing a translation should be quicker and cheaper than paying for full translation.

This is a great way to make your apps reach many more users.

Let us know if you have questions or feedback.

Tiago Simões



Great Thiago, thank you.

Excellent tutorial! Very good!


Great :)
Thank you!

Great!!I supose you can propose something similar for traditional web as well! 

Excellent !  Thank you 

Hi Alberto,

Yes, you are right. We've launched multilingual for reactive & mobile, so we're looking for feedback on it, but you can also do this in traditional web apps. That =GOOGLETRANSLATE() is great. 

Tiago Simões

Thank you it is really great move.

In my case I am trying the Arabic translation, everything  is fine only the issue is it's not switching the side from left to right.

Hi Malalai,

In the case of right-to-left languages I would add a client variable to store if the locale is RTL or not (set when the locale is changed), add a CSS class for RTL, and in those cases append that class to a widget that is high on the hierarchy (e.g. on the LayoutWrapper container on LayoutTopMenu):

Hope this helps.

Tiago Simões

Hi Malalai,

Just to let you know that from platform version 11.11.1 and higher this workaround is no longer needed and a "is-rtl" class is automatically added to the body, if the current locale needs it.

Tiago Simões

Superb! It is good to know about this feature. This will save a lot of time of developers in translating the words and use in OutSystems. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Good to know about it, I think earlier even the multilingual option was available in Outsystems web applications and was missing in Reactive App. But now it will definitely save a lot of time.

Thanks for multilingual support, I need to add Arabic language for one my client, but I am facing a issue to convert using GOOGLETRANSLATE() is not supported, need to do manually

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