Long term sustainability of Firebase

Good afternoon fellow OS users

I am investigating the viability and long term sustainability of using Firebase as the In-App chat mechanism and Push Notification mechanism for a suite of Apps - on a very large scale usage - for a corporate company. We will not be using any of the other database features - just these two - In-App messaging and Cloud Based messaging etc. and all that is needed for these two functions.

I have looked into a couple of options - PushWoosh, OneSignal etc. but Firebase seems to be the only one that allows for the In-App Chat functionality and also for Push Notifications. However, I want to confirm the validity and Sustainability of this platform before I dive in. Things like security, cost, privacy, dependability, robustness, reputation etc. are all things to be considered. Another reason for using Firebase is the very good components already developed in the Forge for the In-App messaging. I need to know that Firebase will be a good option not just for a quick implementation, but as a medium to long term solution.

It will be used for predominantly Reactive and PWA applications.

Please share your thoughts, experience and expertise about Firebase and specifically (if possible) to these applications but all responses are welcome.

Many thanks

Nic Campbell

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Hi Nic,

You can ask an opinion here, but really you need to ask it in a Google Firebase forum or Google Firebase slack channel

For what is worth, at Product League, the company I work, we build & support applications with Firebase integration for multiple customers.