Webpage wrong focus after navigating to new screen on Reactive
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11.10.0 (Build 34711)

Hi there!

Sorry for the long title but this one is quite hard to properly describe.

So this is what happens, the client is complaining the page shift focus after navigating to a new page, example: after clicking on a link the new page focus on the footer of the page rather than the top.

This behavior also happens when a pop up is open, the page shift focus to the very top instead of remaining on the same spot.

Now here's another issue - I cannot replicate it! I tried in all major browsers (Edge, Opera, Chrome and FF) and the page behavior is exactly as expected, no weird focus shifts happen. The client says it happens on both Chrome and FF, both versions are up to date.

So I don't even know where to start, i tried some research but it got me nowhere so here I am asking if anyone has ever experienced any of this.

Thank you all,

J Grou

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Hi  J Grou,
I guess maybe some of the links on your Footer are using autofocus property. If yes then better remove that & test on Incognito window.

Hope it helps,

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Hi J Grou,

Hard task,

The client has the problem but the developer is unable to reproduce, first of all, ask the client to test in a completely clean browser (cache, cookies).

If he still has the problem, make a video and post it here to try a solution.