[Mobile Offline OCR] Mobile Offline OCR - Doesn't recognize text
Forge component by Ricardo Costa
Published on 09 Jul 2020
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Hi, I'm doing an app and in this moment I'm trying to read a simple sentence (like 'Hello I'm Bob') with this component, Mobile Offline OCR, but that doesn't work. The app doesn't recognize any text in the photo. 

I will explain the code, to see if someone knows where is the problem.

1. Take a picture

2. Create a 'Receipt' with 2 attributes (image and date)

3. Create a Receipt (that is in OS with the name Invoice)

4. Use the GetRawJSON Mobile Offline OCR with the following arguments: Image = Image Captured with the camera and Source Type = NULL (I didn't know what I had to put in there). This function returns 1 boolean (if the text was found), and 3 structures (blocks, lines, words).

5. In the lines structure, there is an attribute that is lineText. So next I will go through this structure and create objects of the class InvoiceText, that has 2 attributes (id of the Invoice that was created before and the text of the line).

Thank you for the attention.


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Hello Joana.

Go to the first version of the plugin and choose download component + demo.

See if with the Demo you are able to understand the steps needed to solve your issue.