[Mobile Offline OCR] Mobile Offline OCR - Doesn't recognize text
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Hi, I'm doing an app and in this moment I'm trying to read a simple sentence (like 'Hello I'm Bob') with this component, Mobile Offline OCR, but that doesn't work. The app doesn't recognize any text in the photo. 

I will explain the code, to see if someone knows where is the problem.

1. Take a picture

2. Create a 'Receipt' with 2 attributes (image and date)

3. Create a Receipt (that is in OS with the name Invoice)

4. Use the GetRawJSON Mobile Offline OCR with the following arguments: Image = Image Captured with the camera and Source Type = NULL (I didn't know what I had to put in there). This function returns 1 boolean (if the text was found), and 3 structures (blocks, lines, words).

5. In the lines structure, there is an attribute that is lineText. So next I will go through this structure and create objects of the class InvoiceText, that has 2 attributes (id of the Invoice that was created before and the text of the line).

Thank you for the attention.


Hello Joana.

Go to the first version of the plugin and choose download component + demo.

See if with the Demo you are able to understand the steps needed to solve your issue.


Hi, I see the old version of this plugin but I don't see any demo module for download. can you help me please?

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