Need to change the Screen Resolution


Dropdown search is not working properly because of the screen resolution. How can I change the Screen Resolution

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Hi Shreelakshmi,

What kind of app are you developing, Traditional Web, Reactive Web or Mobile? What kind of device are you using? What kind of "screen resolution" are you talking about? The actual screen resolution of devices is fixed, you cannot change that.

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Hi Shreelakshmi,

You cannot change the resolution of the screen. Exactly what kind of problem you are facing? could you please elaborate well?

If you want to see your application in different resolutions using browser, you could press F12 or right click anywhere in your page and select Inspect to open developer tools. After this you would see following icon showed below.

After clicking on this Icon, you will be able to check behavior of your application in different resolutions.

Hope it helps, Thanks a lot.

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I am developing application using Reactive web apps

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you can not change screen resolution of device and on which device you are testing?