No Confirmation Email from Prometric

Hello Guys,

Yesterday at Wednesday 3pm, i booked a Certification exam for the Professional Web developer. I planned to take the Exam at Saturday or Sunday this weekend but the soonest available was Friday 8:30 am and the next schedule available Monday already. 

I had a Outsystems Certification voucher that i used, and i was able to successfully book the exam, along with the Success Screen that displayed. 

Now Its almost a day since i have not received the Confirmation Email that includes my confirmation number. And also This is what i can see in my Certifications page.

Now its almost a day left before my exam and i want to reschedule it at a later date since the Email might not arrive before my exam. But upon clicking Reschedule, it leads me to the Prometric scheduler page which also asks for a Confirmation Number. 

Should i be talking with Outsystems or with ProProctor on this one? 

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Hi Kyle,

You can raise your query on this mail :: training@outsystems.com from whom we get confirmation email with proctor credentials.

I hope you will get the solution and proctor as soon as possible.

Thanks and Best of luck for your exam :)

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Hello Shweta,

I will try right away to email. Thank you very much

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you can also shoot an email to this justin.babel@outsystems.com, last time i had some query regarding proctor and he helped me to solve it .

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Hi Kyle,

Do you have any screen shot or receipt mentioning the confirmation ? 

You can connect with Prometric support or send an email to training@outsystems.com mentioning your case.



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Hello Pramod,

Yesterday i was able to access the Confirmation screen from the browser history. And i can confirm that it said it was successful with a Green Check and all.  I tried accessing it to provide a screenshot when creating this Forum post but i can't access it anymore. 

Thank you, will try sending an email right away.

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Hello everyone, 

Thank you for your fast responses. After emailing training@outsystems.com, they were able to give me my Confirmation number after a few hours. It seems that the Automatic Email that is sent by ProProctor is having issues which they will look into. 

Again, Thank you everyone

Hello Everyone,

Now I am also facing the same issue. I have booked the exam 8.30 hours before. but till now I didn't receive the confirmation mail.

I have sent an email to training@outsystems.com,  and justin.babel@outsystems.com . But till now there is no response.

I have my exam in 14 hrs and i am running out of time.

Anyone, please guide me on how to proceed with the next step?

Thanks and Regards,

Madhavan Selvaraj.

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Hello Madhavan,

It seems that ProProctor is still having issues. But its Good that you have already sent an email to training@outsystems.com, since they have given me my confirmation Number manually. 

In my experience yesterday, it took around 5-6 hours from opening a support ticket to them sending me my Confirmation number. 

I hope it helps.

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Hi Madhavan,

As Kyle and Shweta mentioned above, most of the times sending email to the training team helps. i am not sure if this helps but open a support ticket and call phone support, and see if it speed up your process, i am not sure if this gonna work but we can anyway try.


Hope you get a positive response!



Hi Kyle and Swapnil,

Thanks for your information. 

Since today is the weekend in Dubai, the Outsystems Dubai office is closed. I don't know whether the support persons will be available on phone or not?

I will try my best to catch them to solve this issue.



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Hi Madhavan,

you can try other country's phone support as well which will be in their working hours