Google Map current location in mobile App

Hai All

I am i was develop the Tracking mobile App in Outsystem 

I want to track gps current  location Automatically  in mobile app Any One can help me to solve this problem

App Concept: When The Sales Man go to the client place  while open in this  Time Show The Current Place In Map And show the Address Details in Any  widgets like Input widgets ......



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Hi Selva,

That action has a Success flag that indicates you if there was any error, you are not doing this checking so you don't know if something went wrong (the application does not have the plugin, the user does not have GPS turned on, etc.).

You probably want to check the Error output if Success = False.

You can of course debug your application and see what is going wrong.

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Hi Selva,

If you want to take advantage of the GPS capabilities of your phone you want to use a component such as the Location Plugin.

With that you will get the latitude and longitude which serve as inputs for Google Maps Plugin.

Take into account that when you use plugins, you will need to generate and reinstall the app so they can be available on your phone.

Hope it helps.

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