What parameters and how to be extracted for Jmeter

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I would like to perform load testing with my traditional web apps with JMeter but i don't know which parameters should be in the http request and how they are extracted.

In the cookies, i find these variables. Do i extract them? Please advise





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Hi Jessica,

I am assuming you are using Traditional Web Apps, so I will comment for that technology.

There is also a course available here: How to set up a load test in 5 minutes 

If you are using React Web Apps, the cookie issue is the same, but I have not checked the value of the hidden inputs, and I expect they will be different than my following comments.

For cookies, jmeter's cookie manager will store the cookies and send them with requests for you in the same session, without you having to store them.

If your performance test needs to be logged in, the first step needs to be a GET request to the login page, and a POST request to login.  This will store the session id in cookies which jmeter will manager for you.

I would suggest putting the login in a "Once Only Controller" and then repeat operations in a "Loop Controller". 

To include any POSTs in your performance test, you will need to extract the value of the hidden inputs included in the GET request named __OSVSTATE and __VIEWSTATEGENERATOR into variables, then send the value of those variables in the POST request.

Here is a post processor of type "Regular Expression Extractor" to use on the GET request.  You will need two of these, one for __OSVSTATE and one for __VIEWSTATEGENERATOR.

Then to use them, just replace the recorded values in the POST request parameters with the variable.

This does require a reasonably understanding of using Jmeter, but I can confirm it is definitely possible, and it works.

I hope this helps!

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