[CKEditor] How to send Emails with Dynamic content - Images get blocked by email clients!
Forge component by Matthias Preuter
Published on 25 Aug 2020
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Traditional Web, Service
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Hi All, 

So my problem is sending an email that is generated by users in an application, like an email client, where images could be embedded in the email content. For that, we use CK Editor. 

When embedding images from the CK Editor the way we typically store those images is in the Database, and to display them there is a link that is a Download.aspx pages that download the content. (fairly regular technique)

If all works well, but when sending an email where the content was dynamically generated, the platform doesn't do the same job as when we simply craft an email on Service Studio with images. (where images are static resources or managed by the platform)

I think there's no clear answer to this problem, also because it varies from mail client to mail client, but is there a way to embed an image on a CK Editor or any other piece of HTML, in Outsystems, without being generated from a *.aspx page?  

The fact that my download.aspx is an aspx page, triggers all sorts of alarms in mail clients as they recognize .aspx file extensions as scripting and potentially dangerous, stripping all the images and displaying a warning on the top to open the email content on the browser (that on outlook)  

Has anybody been here?