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Hello everybody,

I’m a newbie at the Out Systems platform and we are developing a Reactive Web Application with OS. Therefore I was curious if OS has an opportunity to generate some so called ‘system documentation’ for end-user or administrators. Does someone know if there are for example some specific Forge-components which can support this functionality?

What I mean with system documentation is not only exporting an image of a diagram but also for example the description of an Server or Client Action or the description of elements you’ve used in a flow or attributes of a data model etcetera.

Hopefully someone can help me out or give some hints for a Forge component of other tools I can use for this. In the past we used tools like ARIS, Visio and Enterprise Architect but those tools don’t have direct link/connection with OS (as far as I know). Thanks in advance!


Hello Stefan.

OutDoc supports Reactive since October 2019. Have you tried it?

It is good for admins, but not ideal for end-users.

Thanks for your answer. It’s not really ideal for end-users but it does gives you some useful information (for example data model information).

Maybe someone else has other suggestions to develop and provide (functional) system documentation for end-users and auditors.

Hi Stefan,

Don't forget one point: the more detail you have in the code (filled descriptions, database diagrams, filled labels and all those details) the better the detail of the documentation generated by OutDoc will be.

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

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