Issue deleting rows from excel sheet
Application Type
Traditional Web, Reactive
Platform Version
11.9.0 (Build 17011)


I'm trying to import an Excel coming from an external system with one sheet. The first two rows contain no relevant data so these have to be removed.

I'm trying to remove them by using the following steps: 

Where the Row_Delete having StartRowNumber 1 and NumberOfRows 2. The only problem is that the first two rows of the relevant data are being removed. So rows 4 and 5 are removed instead of rows nl 1 and two. Am I doing something wrong? any help is appreciated.



Hi Frank,

Are you using advanced excel forge, if yes then you can go through this Link

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Hi Abdul,

Yes I'm using the advanced excel forge component. When I'm just just ExcelToRecordlist I get the following error

The same error occures when I have the flow the same as above without the delete step.

If I manually remove the first two rows there is no problem. 

So I have to somehow remove the first two rows....