How to calculate the total sum of a column

I have column (TotalAmount)

How to correct calculate the total sum of a column?

I have error - "To preview your data, fix the errors listen on the TrueChange pane

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Hi Kan,

You can take a look at the below documentation to check how can we apply the sum and other aggregation functions over columns in an aggregate.


Could you please check your TrueChange pane to know what type of error you are getting?


Hi Kan,

To get the count or sum of any column you just need to right click on the column name in the aggregate and the select the required function.

Also please check in the table where you have used the aggregate as the source to display the data. As you have added the count function on the aggregate it won't return the data from all other columns and the table will start throwing error for the banded variables.

Try to create a structure list and append all the required data with the sum value and then provide that structure as a source to that table.

Let me know if this helps.


Unnati K

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Hi Kan2332,

It simply says there's an error somewhere in your Aggregate, so it cannot show any output. This has nothing to do per se with calculating a sum. What errors are shown in the TrueChange pane the warning helpfully directs you to?

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Hi Kan2332,

Could you please share the errors you are getting while adding the total sum of a column?

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