Add Vertical scroll to the table and dynamically set max record to be visible
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Hello ,


 Can you give me an sample which will add vertical scrolling inside a table and the user can select the number of records to be displayed on the page dynamically . 

I'm attaching the sample .oml file .

I'm also attaching an example image of number of records to be selected by the user dynamically .


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Yes, definitely!! you need to create a local variable named as 'MaxRecords', use this variable in your aggregates 'Max. Records' property as below and when you are going to select a value from dropdown, create a onChange action  which will assign selected value to MaxRecords variable and refresh the your aggregate using 'Refresh Data' element.

In case if you are using web block, then you need to refresh aggregate in 'OnParameterChanged' event by passing MaxRecords as input to the block.

Hope it works, if not, then you will need to send me an OML from your personal environment not of enterprise as i cannot install this in my environment due intellectual rights.


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Hi Rahul,

I'm not able to install your application in my personal environment due to some intellectual property issue, you need to send oml from your personal environment, not of any enterprise but i have shared some solution to you in my below comment.

You can enclose your table only inside a container not ListNavigation and other widgets. and then you can apply overflow-y:auto and some specific height (in my case it is 300px, you can change it) on a container as added in screenshot.

You can check its working from below link:


Hope this helps! Thanks