Share StyleSheet among several eSpaces

Share StyleSheet among several eSpaces

Anybody can tell us how to share 1 (enterprise) stylesheet among more then one eSpace.
We now have split up our application according the OS architecture and don't want to have to copy all the CSScode.
To add something: we want to be able to use WYSIWYG ... so using "External Stylesheet" is no real option...
i think you can set the main css on a eSpace and share it to others if you include the following line in other eSpace css's:

@import url("/eSpaceName/web.css");
Import doesn't allow to use the styles in WYSIWYG ... unfortunately
The best way to do it is to add use the stylesheet of a common block in a producer, and then inserting that block in all pages (you can put it inside the header or the footer which already are already in all the pages)

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Gustavo Guerra
Keep in mind that using a block will make it mandatory to re-publish all your consumer espaces when you change the css. This may or may not be an issue for you.

The @import solution will make a changed css available to all consumers the moment you publish the producer.

Henrique Capela

I'm having some trouble with the @import.

@import url("/eSpaceName/web.css"); does not work!!

Do I need to specify the servers location before the 

Hi José,

with wich platform version are  you working?

Hi Ricardo,

I'm using service studio

In the espace consumer, did you checked the Use External Style Sheet? if so the import wont work because the internal css file isn't generated.

Can you access to the css generated file http://yourservername/yourespace/web.css and can you check if it is ok?


I think I know what I was doing wrong.

Thanks for the help!