DB Cleaner on Steroids

I am near my 2 Gig personal environment space limit and need some advice with the tool, DB Cleaner on Steroids. It seems like a great tool but wanted to get a little bit more detailed instruction on the correct way to delete Espace_version - please see screen shot. 

Would someone be able to give me step by step instructions of how to clean these tables?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Otis,

agreed that this is a great tool for personal environment.  

It had some problems half a year ago, so I stopped using it, your post made me revisit and I think the new version of a couple of weeks ago works brilliantly.

So, there's probably many ways to do this, but this is roughly what I do :

preperation before using db cleaner :

  • go through all my applications in service studio, and try to delete everything I'm not currently using
  • If I think maybe at a later time, I might take an interest again, I export the oml to my machine
  • If you are still a bit weary about this whole process, just export all the ones you want to keep as oml as well, for your ease of mind only because I don't think you can do a lot of damage with db cleaner to active modules
  • delete the unused applications in service studio

The above first step is needed, if everything you ever made is still an active module, db cleaner won't be able to do much for you.

then in db cleaner :

  • on the screen you show, you can clear a number of log tables, not the espaces
    • and as you can see, it's the espaces taking up most of the space
  • in the modules section, you can delete 
    • all modules of deleted applications
    • all earlier versions of non-deleted applications (that can also be a lot, every publish = new version)
    • specifically for the second part, you might want to use a limit of 2 weeks, for example
  • in the applications section you can delete applications
  • in the database entities section you can find database table from deleted modules
  • in the entity attributes section you can find deleted columns on still in use tables

Between these 4 modules, I don't really know if there is a perfect sequence of doing things, I usually go a few times around between them, and by now I'm confident enough to just hit the Drop All / Delete All at the top right, but you can also Drop / Delete each individual item if that makes you feel better.  

Repeat until nothing deleteable pops up on any of them.  Then go back to the table space usage page and feel a little spring of joy that you now have again space available to explore OS further.