Can't Calculate Long Integer

Hello guys, i have a problem here...

So, i want to calculate Long Integer with Long Integer. My formula is a + b + c, where :

a = 983000000

b = 226133000

c = 1229133000 

im really confused, why the result is -1856701296.

i got all these values from my Entity Attribute with Long Integer Data Type, and already use data conversion function too, is there anybody can help me? thanks a lot.

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Hi Sri Arief Wibawa Mukti,

Hope you are doing well!!

Could you please tell, which Data Conversion function you are using and why?


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Hi Sri,

What is the data type of your variables i.e. a, b, c? Also, please confirm which conversion function you are using to convert the value to long integer?

Please try to use this function.

TextToLongInteger(a) + TextToLongInteger(b) + TextToLongInteger(c)

Thanks & Regards,


Hi Sri Arief Wibawa Mukti

I assumed your data type is proper as you are taking it from attribute, Can you please post expression snap of calculation. And also button logic flow.



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Hi Sri,

Please find the attched oml for reference. The calculation is working fine for me with the long integer.


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Hi Sri Arief Wibawa Mukti,

The calculation seems to be working as expected. I tried the oml provided by Manish Jawla. It will be helpful if you can provide a sample oml with the same logic that you're using.