Bulk action Screen: How to define actions
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11.10.2 (Build 36429)


I am using the default screen "Bulk Action". 

I want to be able to delete all the selected elements (all the rows whith the chceckbox marked) but i am not able to give the system the information of what are the ids that have the row checked.

In resume, I want to delete only the selected items but i do not know how to say to the server action just to delete the marked items (i tried to make a new aggregate and adding a filter of bulk.actions.true but it did not work).

Thank you very much



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Hi Salvador,

In order to do this in bulk, you first need to filter the list to get all the records which have been selected using ListFilter from System. See the example below where my list is ElementList (in your case may be a query) and the field that holds the value of the checkbox is called IsChecked (in your case it may have another name):

Then I check if there are records and if they are, I'm going to add to a variable IdsToDelete the Id and the ",". I just need then to remove the last comma, to get m ids separated by commas (e.g. 1,2,4):

Then you just need to call a server action that performs the query that delete in bulk those Ids (the parameter need to be set as ExpandInline = True). This is an example of the server action and its query to be called after the last assign:

And that's it.

Hope it helps.


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Hello João,

Thank you very much for your answer.

Impossible to explain it better.

Solved problem.