[Ciphered Local Storage Plugin] EnableSQLCipherSelfHealing preference not working as expected
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First of all, thanks for this component, it's very easy to use and very helpful.

It's said that for Android SO, the smartphone needs to be protected somehow (PIN, fingerprint, ...) so the plugin works properly. That said, I've been playing with disabling/enabling the PIN to understand how that impacts the app.

After installing the app in a smartphone protected by PIN, everything was working fine. Then:

  1. I removed the PIN and the app was not able to start properly, as expected;
  2. I enabled the PIN and when I open the app I see the message "There was an error processing your request. RELOAD";
  3. I would say this is normal since I removed the PIN and even though I enabled it again, the app cannot decipher the local storage anymore;
  4. The only way to fix this is to clear the app data manually and after that everything is back to normal.

That said, I set the EnableSQLCipherSelfHealing prefence to true within the extensibility configurations. I generated the app again, reinstalled in my Android, but the app still breaks when I remove and enable the PIN after. As per the documentation, I got the impression that this prefence would fix the problem that I described before, because it would reset the local storage.

What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance.

Ricardo Pedroso

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