Has the way Outsystems values Forum activity changed ?

Hi all,

I just saw a large drop in the forum points I have gathered the last year and a half.  

Was there any communication or are there any plans known to anybody about outsystems re assessing how they should value contributions to the forum ?

Looking at the explanation on leader bord of how points are counted, I don't see any changes...


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Hi, same for me. I already opened a support ticket about that.

When I know something about that I'll report it here.

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

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Hi Dorine,

I saw it too ... Usually these changes are reported and communicated here on the forum, because I didn't see anything official. It may be a new update or a "temporary bug".

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Hi everyone,

Nothing changed in the Community ranking rules. This is a temporary issue and our team is already on it.

Sorry for this temporary situation with your ranking scores. I'll let you know when fixed.


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Thanks Tania for the update!!!

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Same here, Thanks for the update.

It happens also with my forum contribution points... lost more than 1000 points


Same issue happened with me too

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The problem has been fixed by OutSystems, for those affected by a large decrease/increase in forum score, you should now see the correct forum score again.

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Thanks Daniel! Already checked and it's OK now!

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

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back to normal.

Thanks Daniel for letting us know.

Thats  right... back in tracking


Best Regards

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Thanks for informing Daniël Kuhlmann, It is showing correct numbers now :) 

It is correct now :)

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Back to normal, thanks for the heads up