Opera isn't really supported, is it?

I was thinking it was just a problem with version but it just happened when I logged in here: buttons with the method set to ajax don't work, the browser gives the error shown in the attachment. (the attachment show the error I get here using but the one I got here when logging on is the same)
Hi Carlos,

the url you are trying to access doesn't have a port number  -

Can you check to access with the correct port?

Yes, I can.

The thing is, i'm just pressing a button.

It's actually an easy error to reproduce, using Opera 10.63:

1. log off the outsystems agilenetwork
2. go to https://secure.outsystems.com/Network/NetworkHome.aspx
3. try to log in from the link at the top.

Not only does the "popup" look strange, when you press the log in button you get the error in the attachment.
I'm guessing the problem is you're using a button with the method set to ajax but not actually staying on the same page. This is what happend in a page in the application we're developing here. Changing the method to submit fixed the problem. Also, buttons with the method set to ajax that stay on the same page (i.e. really are ajax) work. The preview button at the bottom here works fine.
Hi Carlos,

Thanks for reporting this. Indeed, Opera is not officially supported in the Agile Platform, but the problem you mentioned regarding the Agile Network has been reported to the team, and will hopefully be dealt with in the future.

Best regards,

Paulo Tavares