Ajax refresh not working when tabbing from one field to the next.

I've got a screen with two input fields next to each other.
I fill in a value in the first field and use tab to go to the next field, but on the change method of the first field there is also a value-change and ajax refresh of the second field.

The problem is that when the second field gets the focus, the ajax update is not working.

Does anybody have a solution for this problem?

I've added a small eSpace to describe my problem.
When you fill in a value in field 1 and click with the mouse somewhere on the screen, field 2 is automatically filled.
When you fill in a value in field 1 and press tab, the cursor goes to field 2, but the field remains empty.
Hi Remco,

Thank you very much for reporting this and for providing such a simple yet clear example of the issue. From the looks of it, it surely seems like a bug. Not sure, however, if it is Platform based, or if it is browser based. I am not really sure about how we can work around it, though.

From my tests, what appears to happen is that after clicking "tab" and changing focus, the Ajax request seems to be interrupted.

I have forwarded this to our support team, and I have also attached a non-IPP version of the eSpace.

Thanks a lot!


Paulo Tavares
Hi Remco,

Thank you for your feedback.

This misbehavior has been forwarded to our R&D for analyses and correction and should be available in a future version of RichWidgets.

In the meantime, as a workaround, you can wait a little longer before changing the focus of the Input Widget (hitting the Tab key), this way the Ajax refresh will be correctly preformed.

Best regards,
Renato Gonçalves
Was this problem solven in RichWidgets? And how can I change in some way RichWidget to behave correctly?

I have checked the latest version of RichWidget 9.1.300.1 but using merge I can't see with so much differences where is the correction of the bug, if there is any. Also it's a System eSpace not supposed to alter. But I would like to get rid of these bug in my applications designed on outsystems 8.

Thanks, have a good week