Personal cloud  CPU or memory consumption thresholds
Platform Version
11.10.0 (Build 22422)

Hi Guru's!

I had a problem this weekend that my environment stopt working because of:  CPU or memory consumption thresholds

How can I in the future prevent this from happening?

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hi Freek,

Your personal environment is limited to 2gb database. The message you got warns you that you are reaching that limit. 

The way to free up space is to delete all those forge components and applications you made, that you don't use anymore. 

If you want a copy, store modules, applications or solutions on your.comouter diskdrive before you remove them from your personal environment.

After you removed them, you can use the Forge component Dbcleaner on Steroids, to actually clean up the data in your database.



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Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your response but sorry to say this is not because of the limit database size it is because of the CPU running out of memory. When this happens I can go to a page and click a button to delete memory so the CPU can work again. The error occurred because of a process that triggered to many errors. So in the future I need to watch out with Processes...