OTP validation server side

I am using email otp verification, where I send an email along with an server-side generated(server action in the core services module) otp to a particular email address.
Now when the user enters the otp, how do I compare the sent otp and the user entered otp on server side?
Is there a way to temporarily store the otp when I send the mail(like redis, and then on expiry/entering the otp gets deleted), which i can compare the entered otp with?  I also want the otp to expire in two mins.

Or is there some other way to compare the otps? 

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Dear Amol,
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You can create like below as per your requirements:
1) From user Validation Screen call one Server Action 'ValidateOTP' with user OTP & email/username as input parameters
2) Server Action -> ValidateOTP which will have input OTP+email/username parameter from User screen.
3) In ServerAction ValidateOTP, check currentdatetime in action with your your saved datetime. Hope you are saving datetime somewhere in database along with OTP & email/username in database.
4) If OTP matches and its within 2 minutes, return IsSuccess = true from server action. Else false.

Rest of the logic will be based on your validation success true or false.

Hope this is what you were looking for.

Palak Patel