Outsystems Style guide (Component)

When building an Outsystems component...the web screen preview in "Service Studio" does not display the web screen page as its suppose to look like when displayed in the web browser.

When the web screen is displayed in the web browser, everything looks right. (just not in Service Studio)
Is that normal? How do you fix this?
It depends, but afaik it's normal

How different is it?

Some expression are not solved at designtime for example.
webblocks as well, but you can fake them a little bit by using an if-statement and 
check the richwidgets for example.
Yes, It´s a normal behavior. 
The  "Service Studio" preview mode cannot display some parts of html / css.

With 5.0 and 5.1 they have improved the preview mode functionality but still have some small issues.
For code "readability" purpose you can use an image to represent the final look and feel combined  with the "IF FALSE" trick.

Best Regards,
Rafael Pereira
Incorrect question asked, I was suppose to ask about the referenced external stylesheet not being used in preview mode rather than the preview mode not rendering in the same way as in the web browser at runtime.

The issue in question has been submitted as an idea to the "Wisdom of Crowds" http://www.outsystems.com/wisdomofthecrowds/IdeaComment_List.aspx?IdeaId=560