Example of Lifecycle Event Handlers or how they work.

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Can any one guide me on How Lifecycle Event Handler works.?

Example on below events, Why to use, When to use, and How to use?  with little description.

On Initialize

On Ready

On Render

On After Fetch

On Parameters Changed

On Destroy

Flow Diagram  or any OML will really helpful if some one can show simple and easy use of these events. 

Really thanks.



Hi JK2020,

You can go through following documentation and video link to get the knowledge on how lifecycle events works:


You will find more detailed explanation and  examples of events from the given video link:


Hope this works, Thanks


I believe that what you want is this:

I believe that you can find all you need in this link:


In there you have a full explanation about this topic and a table with all the events and their description.

Hope this can help.

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Ricardo M Pereira


Just to highlight more about onparameter change event. 

It triggers every time you change the value of a data element of a Screen or Block and after that render event will be called. 

it will not triggers the Oninitialize or OnReady Event again.


Ali Amin


Hi Ajay,

Not only are you replying on an old post, but the answer that you give, was the first reply to the question on 2020-12-24.



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