[multi-tenant]  generate mobile apps for different tenants
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we are building a common mobile app for multi-tenant and the app is open to register.  I have a doubt and hope get help:

while we generate and distribute the applications, how can we ensure that the app generated will be only for the certain tenant?  as we cannot ask user to  choose the tenant on login or registration page.

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You cannot as had as I know. I worked once on a similar mobile application, and the login was tenant agnostic, after login the tenant was known and branding and features where from there on specific to the tenant. 

The user would stay logged in, unless he would explicitly logout again. So any next time he would start the application it would already know the tenant.



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Apps are not generated based on tenant. You can switch tenant based on user tenant or provide a option to switch to different tenant.

You have to set user tenant during registration by user input or automatically based on your business.

To ensure that the app generation only for the certain tenant is by maintaining a dynamic field which will only allow certain tenant to login or do things.

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Ali Amin

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Hi YouYouJing,

As mentioned in the above post the app can not be distributed as per tenant, however the login mechanism logs user in to the tenant he/she belongs to. The problem occurred when the same user belongs to multiple tenant and in such cases you need to provide a tenant selection on the login screen . You can also make user login to the default tenant and inside the app you can provide the option to switch tenant.

If your case is where your user in going to be restricted to one tenant only than you don’t need to have any additional logic or distribute app per tenant , platform by default take cares of it.

For the other cases as I mentioned you can decide other options.

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