Creating a Sensor-App

Hi everyone,

we are currently trying to create an application within a student project basically just recording and displaying data of the following sensors: Camera, microphone, location and acceleration.
We should also be able to export the data in a way we can decide ourselves.
Even though we are highly motivated we are now facing troubles as beginners integrating the plugins we found.

It already starts with the camera plugin which has a good step by step documentation as we are trying to do Step 13 [Link zu Camera Plugin Documentation] not being able to put the local variable created before at it's place. We think there is a simple solution which is just difficult to find for beginners, do you have any idea?

With the other plugins partly having no documentation and our limited coding skills in addition to time pressure we would appreciate any advise on how we could deal with our challenge in general as well, any help is highly appreciated. Did anyone here create such an application before? Did anyone work on one of the sub tasks? Thank you!

P.S. May all of you in this community arrive well and safely in 2021

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Hi Bob,

I made a pretty simple quick demo, maybe can guide you.

Evidence: Video Demo

You can test the app for a quick view here

The OAP is here