[Google Places Autocomplete for Reactive and Mobile] Stesp by step Process to use the place map
Published on 08 Jan 2020
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Hi Niklil ,

I am new to outsystms and i need to implemet the place api i have download the the oml and not able to undertsnad how ato setup the key and how to use that webblock in screen 

could you please share sample app ?

Thanks in adv

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Hi @Priya Raj ,

It's fairly easy.  

1. Download the OML from the Forge page and install it in your environment.

2. Reference the webblock from 1 into your screen (existing app?)

3. Pass into the Webblock the API Key and the Input ID on which you try to use the feature

4. Catch the event (from the webblock) and "do something" with it in your flow.

If you still run into issues with these steps, maybe we can provide an example then, but I would give it a shot first.