Why am i getting reload screen error [ErrorScreen] after login ?(Mobile development)

I have created an application where i had changed login page(default login) logic along with entity from where it checks the login credentials, after doing so, initially i was getting reload screen error and was not able to access my application despite login credentials were correct so, i deleted the home (default screen after login page) and recreated it, and it worked i was able to access my app after login process BUT 

ISSUE:  The issue is after i login into the app i get a *screen not found error and a reload  button, once i reload it, then it works fine and directs the browser to application's default home screen, I don't understand what is causing these issue can anyone please help me how to remove *screen not found page and directly redirect  to home page screen after login screen


Outsystems V: 11

Error Log (Service center/ monitoring screen) : shows [ErrorScreen] error*

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Hi Deep,

Make sure that the application modules are published properly i.e. without any outdated references/broken dependencies. Clear out the browser application cache or run the application in the incognito window, may be the issue is causing because of the existence of old application cache in the browser memory!

Hope this helps you!

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Benjith Sam