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I have a problem with the display of a graph. I created the application in DEV and everythings works fine, so i promoted it to the test environment. But when i open the same graph with the same data in TST a line appears on the Y-axis. And i can't figure out how to remove it and why it is suddenly there.

I hope someone can help me figure this out.

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Hi @Max Assies 

Can you confirm that the version of the Charts App is the same as DEV?


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hi @Hélder Anselmo, Thanks for the response. Both environments use version 1.3.7 of OutsystemsCharts

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Hi Max,

Can you check the data you are using as input for the graph? It seems like the data for your 'Total' line contains multiple values for x=1. (Possibly some old data in your tst environment?)

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Thanks for the answer, i emptied all of the entities now. But after creating new datapoints the line is visible again. And i checked the entity and only the 3 datalines i created are in this entity