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Dear Leandro

I'm currently switching from the built-in mail sending to your extension as I have to support multiple SMTP servers. In this course I'm facing two challenges though where I'd be extremely thankful if you could help:

  1. The options to specifcy From, Cc and Bcc are currently not available in the SendMail action
  2. I'm receiving the exception "The specified string is not in the form required for an e-mail address" when calling SendMail. I suspect that this is because my SMTPUser is a 32-character hex string (user name provided by SMTP provider) and not an e-mail address. Could it be that you're using this to authenticate AND as From address?
    (PS: my recipients list contains just one mailAddress object with address and displayName set to a valid e-mail address)

If you could add From, Cc and Bcc that would be extremely helpful and improve the power of your extension quite a bit :-). In case I'm correct about point 2 above, I'd suggest defaulting the From address to SMTPUser if no From is provided (for backwards-compatibility).

Thank you very much for your help and consideration & best regards


Hi Simon,

I'm afraid you posted this message in the general forum, but I think you meant to post it at a specific Forge component? If you let me know which I can move it.

Hi Simon,

Can you tell us what component are you talking about?

The best way to create a post about some component is create a new discussion in the component support tab. ;)


Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

Strange, I thought I did post this in the context of the extension "Send Mail with Binary Attachments". Anyway, thanks for moving it to the right place. Best regards, Simon


It's moved now :)

Dear Leandro, I'm not sure whether you received an e-mail notification as this thread was moved to your extension and not created here. Would be happy to discuss with you if you need any more information :-)

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