How can to implement BinaryDataToText method  ?
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Traditional Web

I need to read and display downloaded file from hard drive.

I need to know how to use BinaryDataToText function  ?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Inna,

Hope you're safe and well.

Can you give us more detail? Are you trying to read a .doc document, .pdf or other type of "readable" documents from a file that you downloaded for your hard drive from the application? Or you want to see the file conversion itself? 

Are you trying to read a file that you upload from your hard drive to the application?

If you can, please share some prints to help us understand your use case.

Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

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Hello Ricardo,

The details are below:

1. I am trying to read files with extension .doc document, .pdf  , txt and xls;

2. I was able to download files to my hard drive  using link widget;

3. When I tried to open the file with extension  .doc and pdf it give me the error message;

4. When I tried to open file with extension .txt the file is opened but there is binary data

5. Attached is a file with error message for Word file

Thanks so much in advance for your help!