Dear all, has anyone developed a queue and/or stack structure wrapping a .Net object with an OutSystems integration?

Many thanks


Marc -

The structural concept of "queue" and "stack" would not make much sense in the Agile Platform paradigm. What goal are you trying to accomplish, there might be a better way.

Hi Marc,

I have to agree with Justin's question: depending on what you're trying to achieve, there might be a better way.

As far as queue implementations, you can implement it directly in .Net, but there's little use for it in Service Studio...

You can try to implement a queue using entities/structures, and a Record List, in Service Studio, since a Record List is sort of like an Array. You then implement the Push and Pop methods by yourself, using the ListInsert and ListRemove actions, and there you have your queue/stack.

That would be the best option, probably, if I was going to implement a queue or stack in OutSystems, but once again it will depend on what you are trying to achieve.


Paulo Tavares