[Stimulsoft Reports .NET] Object reference not set error while running simultaneous requests
Forge component by Paulo Fagundes Jr.
Published on 02 Dec 2020
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We get Object reference not set to an instance of an object errors when we have multiple report requests running simultaneously. In our use case we submit several report requests that run in a background process to generate and email reports to recipients.

Each report request must take at least a couple of seconds to complete for this error to occur. 

We were also able to reproduce this by downloading the PDF of the same report simultaneously from two browsers (again the report must take at least a couple of seconds to render before this error occurs).

Do you have any suggestion how to resolve this issue?

Alfio Esposito

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Hi Alfio, 

The way that is built is likely that happen. Are you using the last version with the SDK? 

The SDK wrapper version helps us to isolate that instance in another request because a service action is used to wrap up the extension actions. It should not have the same instance for different requests.

To try to solve it you can try to make your own action server wrapper to wrap this up or you can download the last version, where you can see how that was improved.

Let me know if that worked.

Sorry for taking too much to reply I'm really excited to see it working in a real scenario, so anything that you would like to discuss please, reach me out.