Service Actions log taking to much database space

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So I love the personal cloud and service actions making everything working better. Only the log table oslog_SrvAPI_6 is growing unbelievable fast. Of course I can make a timer that cleans that Table every 5 min but just wanted to point this out and ask you guys if this is normal...


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From what I understand, I think this application can help you "DB Cleaner on Steroids", if I'm not mistaken you can delete the records of some databases from time to time.



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Hello!  Another thing you can do is not save the integration logs, and for that you can disable the activity monitoring for a module from the Operation tab of the module in ServiceCenter. These rules apply for the module that the name appears on the URL (/ModuleName/rest/...).

That disables all screen, extension, integrations, ..., from the module while still giving you the errors.

Not sure how is your architecture or what else you have on your module that you need activity monitoring, but you have an isolated module just for your integration it is probably a good solution.

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Does anyone know where to set the default value for this?