Dropdown on ComboBox - Vertical Direction of Results to be only Down
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Is it possible to control the position of the ComboBox List of Results to always open Below the original box ?

I understand that the Select element is controlled by the browser in order to chose the best place to show it's own results, and if the Box is close to the footer of the page or viewport, the results will be shown above, since it is smart and chooses the best space for it.

But i still have the requirement to make every Combo Box to only open Downwards/Below and I would appreciate any help on it.

thanks in advance


As this is handled by browser that where should be the best place to open the dropdown, the dropdown is at the bottom line and if there is not enough space to show the results it will open upwards,

To handle this you can apply some CSS for it's position like 

 position: absolute; 

refer this - https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_dropdowns.asp



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Hi GamaOs,

If you are referring to the DropdownSelect widget then for the mentioned use-case, I would suggest you try by setting the widget's AdvanceFormat property value with:

"{position: 'bottom'}"


Hope this helps you!

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Benjith Sam