[Reactive Web - Scalable Front End Architecture Example] Redirection to Login of Corporate_Theme from Intranet_Theme question
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I have been studying the Front-End Architecture best practices and listening to some talks. One talk refers to this example "Reactive Web - Scalable Front End Architecture Example" which I downloaded and installed and I am studying this to understand it. It answers a lot of questions I had around common themes etc.

One thing I observe around the login process though I do not understand and was wondering if there could be an explanation of this please.

In the Intranet_Theme eSpace there is the GlobalExceptionHandler which re-directs to the Login screen if the user is not logged in, else to the "InvalidPermissions" screen, but it is redirecting to the Corporate_Theme Login and InvalidPermissions screen. Why does it not redirect to the Intranet_Theme login? Is the Login not handled in the Intranet_Theme in this case?

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