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• OutSystems Platform uses 5 services which function each of them

- Log (OutSystems 10),

- Deployment Controller (or simply Controller)

- Deployment

- Scheduler

- SMS Connector (OutSystems 10 )

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Responding to your question in a simple way:

  • OutSystems Deployment Controller Service: Enables the compilation of OutSystems applications and the broadcasting of the deployment to multiple servers. It is important to mention that for each environment, exactly one instance of this service must be running in one of the servers.
  • OutSystems Deployment Service: Enables the deployment of OutSystems applications in the current server.
  • OutSystems Scheduler Service: Enables the execution of asynchronous processes (such as Timers) of OutSystems applications to run in the current server.
  • OutSystems Log Service: Enables logging in OutSystems applications and the rotation of logging tables. It manages the error, audit and performance events of the applications.
  • OutSystems SMS Connector Service: Enables sending and receiving SMS messages in OutSystems applications. 

Please keep in mind that both OutSystems Log Service and OutSystems SMS Connector Service only apply to OutSystems 10 and previous versions. They are not used in this current OutSystems 11 version.

In addition to the documentation that Sachin already shared, I'd like to share some extra documents that may help you:



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