How to implement responsive width in Editable input widget

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I have a little problem creating a table that has responsive features, that is, when zooming in and zooming out, the width of the input will change and adjust.

The main problem is that when I zoom in, what I want is that the width of the input doesn't change, however, in fact the width of the input changes getting smaller


I have followed the tutorial from this post as well as implemented in my program, but the result still doesn't change,

Then, I also tried the tutorial from this post


However, the appearance has not changed either, I suspect that there is a css that needs to be added or something is wrong with my CSS

Here I attach a screenshot

CSS container

Width Table 120% And Width Column (Column 7% x 17cell = 120%)

When zoom out

When zoom in

Due to project privacy issues, I cannot provide my OML, but I hope that my friends and compatriots at Outsystems can help me, because the deadline is getting closer and my project is still not over due to this problem

Thank you very much

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Hi Syamsu, did you try to use position? set parent as relative and child as absolute passing the exactly place you want the element to be


#parentDiv { position:relative; }

#childDiv { position:absolute; left:50px; top:20px; }

Here you can find some explanation about position:



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