Is it possible create Referential Bond between data for the registration Screen?
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Let me explain better.

In the registration screen, the user will inform 3 data, typing in the Inputs Widgets.

1 - What is your University.

2 - Which area of specialization (Ex: Medicine, Engineering)

3 - What is the course (Ex: Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, BioMedicine, Pharmacology)

This data will be persisted in the Entities.

There will be 3 Web Blocks in Popup's. 1 for each Input. So, first type the "University" and click to insert the "Specialization Area" (opening another Popup), type the "specialization" and click to insert the "Course" (opening another Popup).

The data that has already been registered by another user, will be displayed in a ComboBox in Popup to show the options.

Thus, if there is not have the user option, he clicks to add. But if the option already exists, he just selects it in the ComboBox.

I think of applying a way to link these data to their respective correspondence, doing something on the screen, so that the information cannot be persisted in the wrong way.

For example:

That a user cannot select in the ComboBox a course of "Engineering", in the area of Specialization "Medicine".

So, I would like to have something in which I could link the correct information, triggered by the user in the first data insertion, so that the other users when selecting the ComboBox, had access only the options of that link.

Example: Area - Medicine. ComboBox will only list courses in that specialty.

Area - Engineering. ComboBox will only list courses in that specialty.

Would it be possible to do that?

In case anyone knows how, I kindly ask you to explain the steps in detail.


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Hi Christian,

Your main concern is how to do dependent dropdowns that only present options depending on the values chosen on the previous dropdown, is that it?

If that is the case, you will need to have additional tables that support the relationship between dropdown 1 and 2 options. For instance, to make the association between Course and Specialization, I created a static entity called SpecializationCourse:

Although in my example, these are static entities you can create normal entities if you see that you would need to change them often or you need to do it a run-time.

Now that the data model is set, let's set up the webblocks that read from the configurations, and when a dropdown is selected sends an event so the screen can handle them by saving the data.

I attach an OML with the example so it makes it easier to understand the dependencies on the dropdowns webblocks and hopefully you can go from there.

Hope it helps.