[ResumableJS] Upload files stored in Mobile local storage
Forge component by Vincent Koning
Published on 17 Oct 2020
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I'm working on a mobile application that works offline and saves data/files to local storage, once the user upload/sync these data to the server's database, so I'm managing to utilize ResumableJS to upload these files in chunks.
I already converted the plugin to Mobile App and it's working fine.

Can you guide me how to add the files from local storage instead of reading them from the browser?

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Hi Sherif,

This is not a question I can answer since this goes beyond the scope of this component. I'm using the functionality that is provided by default by ResumableJS. As far as I know there is no logic to communicate with Local Storage nor is there logic to provide a binary blob to ResumableJS. 

I would recommend you to contact the original authors of ResumableJS here: https://github.com/23/resumable.js
They can guide you to a possible solution.

I do however wonder if you are using the correct tool for the job at hand. As stated by the original ResumableJS team your use-case is probably not why they created the tool. You can find the following snippet at the bottom of the home page of ResumableJS: http://resumablejs.com/

They state that this tool is using the HTML5 file features and not the Local Storage. Its main goal is uploading large files (several GB in size) and I'm not sure if that is your use-case since you are working from a mobile device. 

If you do want to use ResumableJS and find a solution to your problem then please let me know how you implemented it. I love to learn something new.