how to get iOS Device token(APNs Token)?
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how to get iOS Device token(APNs Token)?

Actually, I need this token for iOS push notification.

Kindly check below Native code for get token for push notification

- (void)application:(UIApplication *)application didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken:(NSData *)deviceToken;

And this is description of this method.

UIKit calls this method after it successfully registers your app with APNs. In your implementation of this method, send the contents of the deviceToken parameter to the server that you use to generate remote notifications. Never cache the device token locally on the user's device. Device tokens can change periodically, so caching the value risks sending an invalid token to your server. If the device token hasn't changed, registering with APNs and returning the token happens quickly.

Typically, this method is called only after you call the registerForRemoteNotifications method of UIApplication, but UIKit might call it in other rare circumstances. For example, UIKit calls the method when the user launches an app after having restored a device from data that is not the device’s backup data. In this exceptional case, the app won’t know the new device’s token until the user launches it.

Kindly tell us how we can get iOS token in outsystems as we get in native platform.

Hi Swapnil,

I think the Apple Developer documentation can help you to resolve this issue. Please take a look at:

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