Aplications listed in End user aplication

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I need help to find where is the place that define show or hide applications in an environment inside of End User management.

I enclose the example of the applications that are currently shown in the End User application, these are not all that exist in said environment, there are only some, from what I understand there must be a place to define which applications are deployed in the list of the combo box.

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That list is defined in rich widgets module, and have this description:

"Shows a dropdown with a list of links to all applications that the currently logged user has access to (i.e. belong to one of its roles). Not supported in mobile devices."

You can see it in this in the Users app (to this I open a clone):

And can see the logic that define the applications to show in here:

This is a clone of Rich Widgets with the component.

Just to note that Users and Rich Widgets are not editable. You need to clone them and change what you want to use them. Take care with the users and user provider modules if you don't want to loose what you already have.

Hope this can help you!

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Ricardo M Pereira