See what questions were missed on exam
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Does anyone know if there is way to find out what questions are missed on the certification exams.  i just passed with exactly 70% when I thought I may have gotten 100%  It would be very helpful to be able to learn from my mistakes .

Hi Tom Meehan,

The company responsible for the test usually sends in the report its percentage of correct answers in each area. Through them it is possible to have an idea of where he went wrong, but the questions even he does not provide.

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Thanks for your reply.  But not knowing the actual question(s) that were missed makes all the difference.  That makes it impossible to point out ambiguities in the wording of the questions or outright contradictions with the official documentation. For example on the test I just took this morning the report said I got 0% of "Native App Generation"question correct.  According to the exam overview pdf there was only 2 questions on Native App Generation.  The possibility of me missing either, much less both, is virtually nil - unless the wording of the questions were funky.  There really needs to be a way to check these things out.

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Hi Tom,

I would suggest you to please take all your concerns directly with Outsystems learning and training department team, since they will help you to resolve all your valid points quickly.

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