[HTML2PDFConverter] Problem generating PDF from HTML
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Traditional Web

Hi All

I have problems when generate the screen into PDF and download the PDF

this is what I mean

- I use Enterprise Environment

- I have set up the server in the administration menu

- I have done a test a screen in HowToPDF menu to generate and it's work

- I have done change screen to anonymous

Please check an image

Best Regards and Many Thanks,



I've downloaded the missing binary I can see from your list from my configuration and saved it in this link.


Feel free to download it if you wish to do so.

It's around 39mb. Couldn't attach the binary itself here since there's a maximum of 4mb.

Upon checking your screenshot. You have the missing file existing in that zip. Upload it to the additional binaries and you should be good.


Hello Kane,

Have you uploaded the required binaries of the component?
Please see my image below as reference.

Also review the last checkbox, maybe you have it as true on your configuration.

Also, have your URL validated if it's redirecting to it correctly.

Try including a SITE PROPERTY such as. Site.EnvironmentURL+"/ModuleName/testpdf.aspx"

Let me know if you need further assistance.