Live Style Guide - How does it work, documentation please
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11.10.2 (Build 25738)

I am trying to figure out how the Live Style guide works.

I downloaded the Reactive Live Style Guide template and created and app from the template, but it is equal to a blamk app. How do I get the preview patterns in there? DO I have to code the entire thing myself?

I downloaded the ACME example and in the Style Guide is a lot of code written, so do I ahve to write all that myself? I thought the idea was that the Live Style Guide will give you all the OutSYstems UI patterns so you can test what they will look like in your theme, now I ahve to code an entire app to get this done? I can just as well go and code my actual app than waste that time?

THere is also no clear documentation as to the steps and actual work to achieve this, I have watched 4 videos and all give Live Demo with the Live Style Guide apps already created and do not really go into the steps to do this.

Is there documentation to get these steps for a novice please?

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Hi Elize,

On the 2020 NextStep Craig St. Jean, OutSystems MVP, also gave a presentation on how to create a live style guide:


as well as 2018 ODC: