Does Platform 5.1 still work with SQL 2000?

Does Platform 5.1 still work with SQL 2000?

Does Platform 5.1 work with SQL 2000?
Hello Richard.

The Agile Platform 5.1 no longer supports SQL Server 2000 as the main database nor through database connections.

Currently it only support SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 version of the Microsoft RDBMS.

You can find the system requirements on the document Agile Platform 5.1 - Systems Requirements

Were you considering using it as a main database, or just to integrate with?


Miguel João
Related question:

I have a set of legacy applications (made in .net with shared SQL 2000 databases) that I want to migrate to outsystems (5 or 6, it also depends and the schedule to upgrade outsystems).

We can't duplicate data because it is shared and other apps will need it updated.
I planned to do it phased, migrating each application individually and upgrading the sql at the end.

If outsystems can't work with MS SQL 2000 want would you suggest? Will a database mirroring to 2008 be enough or must I migrate all at once?
Hi Nuno

It really depends on the data's and application requirements.

Up front I can say that you'll need a supported SQL Server (recommend SQL Server 2008 R2) to have your Agile Platform 6 up and running over that database.

Then, you should see the SQL Server 2000 as an integration, where the Agile Platform will not manage the data model, and the applications will just access it's data. Although not supported, you could try to read the data through a Database Connection configured on the Service Center, and use an extension to import the external data model representation. If it fails, then the other option is to code an extension to connect to the SQL Server 2000 and access the required data.

A common alternative is to have a DTS/Integration Services package that will copy and synchronize the data between different versions of the SQL Server (I don't think you can do it with mirroring), and have the Agile Platform to integrate with the copied version of the data model.

There's also teh possibility to use linked servers between the 2 SQL Servers, and import the data model representation on an extension, however, if you pretend to use the external datamodel to extensively perform queries and inner joins with local entities, this will significantly impact the performance, and we usually do not recommended it.

So it depends on the use case for the data access.


Miguel Simões João